3 ways lack of focus is negatively impacting your business


A winning idea. Financial funds. A carefully thought-out plan. Excellent products and a team that strives to always deliver the best.

All these are essential aspects of any successful business, whether brand new or well-established. But what if we told you that there is something else that’s crucial – a key ingredient that you should never leave out of the mix?

We are talking about focus. Commonly understood as the ability to concentrate your cognitive efforts onto one specific, well-defined goal, focus is one of those intangible qualities that can make or break a business.

And if you have ever stayed up late at night wondering “Will I ever achieve financial freedom with my business?” or “Why do I feel stuck right now – what am I doing wrong at work?” then the answer might lie in a lack of focus.

Would you like to better understand why focus is so important when launching or running a business? Our guide right here focuses – no pun intended – on three areas that can be severely affected by a lack of focus, and encourages you to take steps to regain concentration and win your next battles.

Too Many Projects, Too Little Time to Excel

This is especially common in the early days of a new business venture, but it can become a chronic issue for many long-established companies.

A lack of focus, in fact, leads businesspeople to throw themselves into way too many projects that they can effectively handle, leaving little-to-no time to authentic success.

If you like, you can think about focus in the same way you would think about energy and light. When energy and light are scattered across multiple objects, they aren’t as effective or powerful as when they are focused on one single item. In the same way, if you disperse your business acumen and energy across a myriad of projects, goals, and deadlines, your efficiency, productivity, and motivation will plummet.

Not only will you find it incredibly hard to pursue a goal or project that is relevant and feasible, but you will also struggle to keep your – and everybody else’s – commitment, determination, and engagement high.

Why? Because a lack of focus implies a lack of specific objectives, which ultimately leads to a lack of tangible wins and achievements. And who can stay genuinely dedicated to something when they keep seeing no result?

If you would like to minimize the projects you are focusing on at one time while still excelling in productivity, check out the methods described in The 12 Week Year by Brian P Morgan and Michael Lennington.

No Niche, No Leadership

Identifying your niche is a crucial step in so many ways, including:

  • Accessing a pool of potential customers who are actively interested in your products or services

  • Establishing yourself as a leading authority in your specific field

  • Being able to gain passive income from your business

We rely on niches in our everyday life – take the example below.

Imagine that you have started suffering from really bad toothache. It’s been going on for a few days and you think it might be your wisdom tooth. The obvious choice would be to call a qualified, professional dentist, right? Not a generic clinician.

The reason you do this is simple: it’s because a niche, essentially, responds to a need. And the more specific the niche, the more targeted the need it will be able to satisfy.

Focus plays a key role when you are in the process of choosing your niche. In fact, we could even say that focus IS the ultimate skill that enables you to pick your niche, zoom into your customers’ needs, and craft meaningful ways to address those needs.

So, how do you figure out what your niche is? This is a very individual process, but you can try by following some basic steps, such as:

  • Reflecting on what you really like, and what you are great at

  • Identifying what people want/need/look for, and whether your product or solution might be able to help them fulfill their requirements

  • Analyzing the market for your specific product or solution, and reviewing your competitors

Businesses that lack in focus are unlikely to be able to define their niche. In turn, businesses that can’t define their niche, or operate within one, will struggle becoming a leader in their field or sector.

If you are unable to prove your worth, knowledge, and influence within a specific sector, in fact, your chances to gain authority plummet. Leaders stand out for their unbeatable and in-depth expertise, understanding, and experience – skills that you can gain only by focusing on your unique niche.

Lack of Focus? Untapped Brain Potential

The ability to focus activates that part of our brain that can identify problems, solve them quickly, and prepare for any future hurdles.

Without adequate focus, it’s much more difficult – when not downright impossible – to truly grasp what the real problems are, how you can overcome them, and what lessons you should learn and implement to do better next time.

Focus enhances mental clarity, awareness, and understanding, all of which are essential features of any savvy businessperson.

By concentrating on one specific goal, intention, or project, you will activate your brain and enable it to function in a much more productive and rational way. As a result, this will pave the way for better, more meaningful, and more successful business decisions.

If you'd like some actionable ways that you can begin to unlock your mind and reach your full potential, check out Limitless, by Jim Kwik.


Want to win? Concentration and focus represent two of the main pillars of successful businesses. With better focus you will be able to achieve your goals, become a leader in your niche, and activate your brain in more powerful ways.

A few great, simple ways that can help you improve your business focus every day include:

  • Practicing meditation and mindfulness

  • Staying physically active

  • Writing to-do lists to establish priorities

  • Avoiding multi-tasking and concentrating on finalizing one task at a time

  • Taking regular breaks, particularly from screens

  • Switching off and stepping outside for some fresh air at least once a day

Would you like to explore even more hacks for business-savvy people like you? Check out our free online community, The Millionaires Community.

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