About Millionaires Coffee Shop


The Millionaires Coffee Shop was built for the community of entrepreneurs who want to learn how to grow their passive income and achieve financial independence. The platform provides a space where influential financial gurus can offer courses, mentorship, and guidance to fellow entrepreneurs. It is a one-stop-shop for all the information new and seasoned entrepreneurs need to increase their assets and decrease their liabilities. On the site, you will find practical strategies for financial increase and business growth through content marketing, webinars, coaching sessions, and private masterminds focused on taking action and fostering progress. Founded by Thomas Burch and Jasmine Burch in 2021, The Millionaires Coffee Shop aims to be the best resource for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses and achieve financial freedom.

Why the name, Millionaires Coffee Shop?

A coffee shop is a place where members of a community gather whether it be for business or pleasure. It is a place for networking, studying, socializing, and even making new connections. The Millionaires Coffee shop is not a physical place (yet) but an online community for business-minded individuals to learn, collaborate, and grow both personally and professionally.

Who are we for?

The Millionaires Coffee Shop is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, side hustlers, and anyone else who is trying to make their dream of becoming a millionaire come true. The Millionaires Coffee Shop is for everyone who is working towards a common goal of passionate work and financial freedom.

What is The Grind?

The Grind is our monthly newsletter. It is our way of keeping you informed of new courses, events, books, and more, that are being added every month. Not only will you be staying up-to-date, but you can also expect some free business tools and resources as well.

What is The Brew?

The Brew is our talk show/podcast. In each episode, we speak to entrepreneurs, just like you, about the ups and downs of their journey. You can expect to be encouraged and educated by listening to business owners in various industries and hearing how they got started, lessons they've learned, the advice they'd like to share, and ways to connect and network with them as well!

What is The Millionaires Community?

The Millionaires Community is the Millionaires Coffee Shop's members area. This free online community comes free with the purchase of any course on the platform and will allow you to develop relationships with other business-focused individuals and learn from one another's experiences. It is a place to be inspired, motivated, and educated by one another resulting in business and personal growth.

Why should you join us?

The real question is, why not?

You should never share big dreams with small-minded people and powerful proximity leads to prosperity. If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, freelancer, side hustler, or anyone else looking to increase your passive income, the Millionaires Coffee Shop is for you. We are a community of individuals building each other up, learning from our mistakes, sharing our successes, and saving each other time and money. Take a course, grab a book and come and be a part of something great.

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