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Hire Others to Maximize Your Time


Owning a business doesn’t have to mean running it entirely on your own. In fact, you can help your company grow faster and better by hiring people to handle tasks you don’t want to. Think about it; is your time and energy more valuable making big decisions, or handling daily operations?

As an entrepreneur, you’re often told you can be your own boss. That’s true, but no one says you also have to be your own employee. In fact, as a business owner, without help, you really must perform the tasks of 4 to 10 different people at once. From financing to inventory management, marketing and development, there is no shortage of work or expertise for a small business owner.

Luckily, there are affordable options for outsourcing work that can help you free up time and invest it into growing your company faster.

Why You Need to Hire Others for Your Small Business

An entrepreneur can only be solo for so long. Eventually, to take their hands off the wheel and bask in the freedom of success, they need others to work for them. You may be hesitant to let anyone into your company, and that’s understandable.

This is everything you’ve worked for, after all. The wrong hands could easily destroy years of work.

But if you’ve developed a strong model and strategy, you’ll be able to find the right talent to manage, sustain and grow your business for low risk.

Most importantly, you need to develop a business that can operate without you. While you will still be present for big decisions, you deserve to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are a few ways you can go about this.

1. Automate Processes

Automation is the fastest growing trend in business solutions. Rather than going through the lengthy hiring process and increase spending, companies can automate processes for a one-time fee. After your initial investment in an automation software, you can let an AI handle your work for you.

The exact type of automation you need will depend on your industry and unique business needs. However, some of the most common business automation tools are:

● Payment processing

● Email automation

● Chatbots for 24-hour customer support

● Leads and prospects management

● Social media posting

● Automated marketing

● Document reading and data entry

There are also business automation tools that can streamline tasks and save you up to 2 hours per day. It’s helpful to make a list of your current demands. Which tasks are most time-consuming? What automation solutions are available to help you resolve them more quickly?

2. Hire a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant performs many routine tasks on your behalf. They can help manage the daily operations of a small business by responding to phone calls and emails, posting to social media and even sorting and filing documents.

Every entrepreneur has a different schedule; some work a 9-to-5, others work gigs on top of their small business. Some are actively managing two or more income streams at once, so they need help keeping everything in order.

You can decide how much you’re comfortable handing off to a virtual assistant. If it’s your first time working with one, you may find it best to start with a small list of tasks, then increase responsibility as you develop trust in the person’s abilities.

3. Outsource Tasks You Hate Doing

You may decide to remain the sole name and face behind your business, and that’s okay. Rather than rely on someone else or try to go full hands-off at once, you select tasks you dislike. For example, if you love coaching but hate maintaining a schedule, look research to automation solutions. You could also hire a virtual assistant who solely maintains and updates your calendar for appointments, or inputs data into spreadsheets (things that aren’t necessarily difficult but very time consuming).

If you are passionate about your brand but aren’t sure how to market effectively online, then look for a small digital agency or branding company that can help.

There are also plenty of experienced, qualified freelancers in every industry online. Research what you’re looking for on Fiverr, Upwork,, and even social media platforms. TikTok and Instagram have extremely active networks of talented professionals who run freelance design, marketing, and writing businesses.

Conclusion - Make Time for What You Love

As an entrepreneur, running your small business might be what you love. But there are other passions worth pursuing, too. You can fall even more in love with overseeing your company when you free up valuable time to work on your best ideas. Rather than working for your business, find tools that make your business work for you.

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