Distractions: An Entrepeneur's Kryptonite


Starting a business in 2022 can feel like getting onto a fully booked flight thanks to a last-minute cancellation.

You grab your bags, rush to the airport, and find yourself staring blankly into the cabin full of passengers. They’re already settled and ready to go; you just have to squeeze your way through the aisles, resisting the urge to apologize to everyone along the way.

The walk to “your” seat feels endless - you wonder if you’ll ever get there. Was there some sort of mix-up?

Are you actually going to find your spot and realize the person who canceled showed up after all, and there really is nothing left for you to do but perform an embarrassing backtrack all the way off the plane?

This is a feeling that stops so many would-be entrepreneurs from starting an online business. In 2022, 36% of all small businesses make their money online.

That may seem like a small amount, but given the fact there are millions of small business owners out there, it’s far from being insignificant.

While there may be a lot of competition, there is also still a ton of opportunity to earn money online in 2022. It will take more than just jumping on a viral trend or following ecommerce tutorials online, though.

You’ll have to build everything from the ground up with complete dedication and focus. This means identifying and eliminating all your distractions. Here’s how to do it.

Create an Environment That Sharpens Your Focus

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I get started?”, take a look around. Are you in the right space to create, develop and manage your own business? Your environment has a tremendous impact on how you succeed.

You need to have a specific place where you work that is free of clutter, noise, and anything unrelated to your performance. While we may not all have our own personal office, we can still create an environment that’s productive.

Start by evaluating your physical workspace. You should be somewhere quiet, free from other people and void of any temptations to procrastinate. If you have to be around others, then use noise-canceling headphones to block them out.

You have to be completely “in the zone” if you want to get the most out of your efforts.

You should also make sure things like your phone and social media sites are off-limits when you’re working. Time is money, and the energy you put toward starting a business in 2022 can either pay you back or leave you empty-handed.

Choose Media That Helps You Find Your Center

Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify may be fun ways to pass the time, but they probably won’t help you get any closer to your goals. If you work remote or are trying to start an online business at home, avoid these easily accessible distractions.

Rather than focus on things that divert your attention, choose podcasts and books that inspire you. Read blog posts by successful people that not only encourage self-development but teach you new skills.

You may need to overhaul your social media, too. Growing a successful business means always striving toward your goals, even during your downtime. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or enjoy hobbies. But it does mean you should be more conscious about how your experiences shape your business.

Social media is a valuable tool; fill your feed with accounts that inform, educate, and inspire. Follow people and businesses that are successful in your target industry. You’ll learn from them, and their actions will motivate you, too.

Assess Your Social Circle

Who you spend time with has a big impact on how you think about yourself. Do you have a circle of people that motivate you, or do you feel stagnate?

Are these growth-centered, business-minded people who go after what they want, or do they encourage you to waste your weekends attending yet another bottomless brunch?

Keep your eyes on the prize at all times. This means choosing people who help you be the best version of yourself — the most successful, motivated, driven you there is. These are people you can turn to and ask, “How do I grow my business?” and get concrete feedback.

You need people in your life who offer solutions, not more questions or half-hearted accolades. This isn’t to say that every conversation should center around work. There’s more to life than earning a living. However, the type of friends you choose shape the person you become.

If your current circle isn’t helping you be a better person, then it might be time to find a new one.

Look for networking groups and mentorship opportunities. These connections can bring new focus and incentive into your life.

You should intentionally remain open for collaboration and growth opportunities. Rather than feeling a constant, nagging anxiety from eyeing your competition, you elevate your attention toward greener pastures. Instead of comparison, you find encouragement.


Perhaps you have been in business for a while and are looking to expand. Or maybe you have a great business idea but are unsure of you first steps. Either way, make sure you are ready for the time commitment. The last thing you want to do is invest significant capital towards an idea that is more of a hobby than a business.

The most valuable business asset you have is time. When you weed out distractions and focus 100% on your goals, amazing things happen. You are able to be more honest about what you need; you put effort into finding solutions, comparing results and figuring out what really works.

Focus clarifies everything; with stronger goals, motivation rises, and you see opportunity over limitation every day. It becomes easier to focus when you can interact with like-minded people that will propel you forward. Check out our supportive community, The Millionaires Community, and connect with other goal-oriented entrepreneurs.

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